Oh, my English!


[ I am practicing my english writing, please pardon my mistakes but tell me about it]

On the first working day after Chinese New Year long weekend, we had our lunch together. John is our general manager. He is a singaporean. Sitting beside him was Miss J our branch manager. Then there was me and three other engineers. We are a bunch of so called educated professionals. I opened a topic, which most of us can relate with –  travelling. John travels a lot despite his busy schedule. That is why I keep telling my self, if boss can travel, I can too! Ha ha

John: Abu Dhabi check point has the most advance immigration system. People just pass by, very effective. No need to chop their passport.

Me: So they use some kind of reader to read the passports?

John: Yes

Miss J: Malaysia also have what.

Me: Malaysia’s only apply to locals, forgeiner still need to chop.

John: Yeah, at Abu Dhabi everybody no need to chop

Me: Oh no! We said chop! Oh, my english!

Everybody laugh.

John: This is Singapore and Malaysia English. I use it all the time. Don’t worry, nothing wrong with it.

Now I know why John become an engineer not a teacher. Ha ha


4 thoughts on “Oh, my English!

  1. You know what? Malaysia – English is the most colorful English!

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